This plain language legal guide was developed for youth as part of our Legal Responses to Cyber Misogyny project. It explains what the law says about five common online situations that young people may experience.

Is that legal? was originally published in June 2014, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to create a thoroughly revised 2017 edition with the support and collaboration of Legal Services Society. The 2017 edition contains updates to the law, features an expanded section on consent, uses plainer language, and integrates the feedback of youth and service providers. A big thanks to all who shared their knowledge and vision throughout this project!

In the coming year, we will be translating the resource into a few languages other than English; please contact to inquire.

Free print copies of this publication will soon be available via Crown Publications; this page will be updated when ordering instructions become available.

Download the PDF version of Is that legal? here.