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West Coast LEAF works to realize women's full equality through public legal education, strategic litigation, and law reform.

You can make a difference in ending injustice for women in Canada and help all women realize the rights of and privileges of full personhood in society by making a donation anytime to West Coast LEAF.

Donations to West Coast LEAF support public legal education programs such as No Means No and Transforming our Future that empower youth and women by giving them concrete tools to access their equality rights.

Your donations also enable West Coast LEAF to help change discriminatory laws and other barriers that women face, through law reform initiatives and equality rights litigation using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

With a gift to West Coast LEAF you are making a difference for women today and making society a safer, and more enriched place for the women of tomorrow. 


Donate Aeroplan points

West Coast LEAF is collecting Aeroplan travel points or Vancity Visa points from our donors.  Donors who share their points will help the staff and volunteers of West Coast LEAF fly around the province to speak at the events and workshops, and to bring other board and committee members into the office.

Let's spread equality around the province.  Your travel point donation will help West Coast LEAF stay province-wide, and will contribute to education and empowerment of BC residents about equality rights.  Share your points and let West Coast LEAF fly!

Contact us for more information or complete the attached form to donate your points.

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Right to counsel fund 

West Coast LEAF is pleased to announce the creation of the Access to Justice Fund.

This endowment fund, established at the Vancity Community Foundation, will support test case litigation that advances the constitutional rights of women, and men, to legal representation in complex family law and other civil matters.  In particular, the fund will act to indemnify a test case litigant in just such a case currently before the courts, as represented by BC PIAC.  Should that litigant be successful in arguing for state-funded counsel, and therefore not require indemnification, the Fund will support West Coast LEAF’s work in advancing access to justice more generally.

To donate to the Fund, please direct all donations to ‘Vancity Community Foundation – Access to Justice Fund’ and forward it to: 

510 - 815 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1B4

West Coat LEAF can also accept donations for the Fund. 

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Our ability to work for women’s equality depends on our generous supporters. 

Donors receive:

  • a tax receipt is automatically provided for donations of $10 or more (less upon request)
  • quarterly newsletter (the LEAFlet)
  • acknowledgement in our Annual Report

Monthly donation (Themis Club)

Many of our projects continue for extended periods of time, and we need to plan ahead for long-term legislative reviews and court cases.  For example, the Family Law review is now in its third year and our Women’s Equality and Religious Freedom project is in its fourth year.  Themis Club donations enable us to do these things with the security of reliable monthly support.

Monthly donors receive:

  • a tax receipt for their total donations at the end of the year
  • quarterly newsletter (the LEAFlet) 
  • an additional bi-monthly electronic newsletter
  • advance notification and invitation to events and may receive invitations to special events 
  • acknowledgment on the back page of our quarterly newsletter
  • a Themis Club pin at the end of the year and a thank you card
  • acknowledgement in our Annual Report

Leader for Equality major donation

With a major gift of $500 or more, you will be a Leader for Equality.  This valuable and important group of donors helps limit our reliance on grants and supports all aspects of our work.

Major donors receive:

  • a tax receipt for their donation
  • quarterly newsletter (the LEAFlet). 
  • hand-written notes from the Executive Director 
  • special recognition in our Annual Report


Members support us by strengthening our cause.  

Members receive:

  • invitation and voting rights at our Annual General Meeting
  • a tax receipt for their donation
  • quarterly newsletter (the LEAFlet)
  • may receive other correspondence from time to time for input or updates
  • acknowledgement in our Annual Report

All donors receive our electronic News Alerts and a thank you call from our board of directors. 

Planned giving or legacy giving


Planned Giving is planning now to make a gift in the future, such as through a bequest, gift annuity or life insurance.  Planned gifts are investments in the future for West Coast LEAF.  

For more information and a downloadable brochure, please go here.

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How to donate



To minimize administrative costs, West Coast LEAF uses the services of Canada Helps for our online donation transactions.  Canada Helps is a secure and easy way to give to West Coast LEAF.

To find out more about donating to our organization through please click here.


To make a donation by cheque, please make the cheque out to West Coast LEAF and mail it to the following address:  

West Coast LEAF 

555-409 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC

V6C 1T2

To become a monthly donor, please mail your VISA or MasterCard information or a void cheque and your contact information to the above address.  You may also print and send the attached form


Please call us during office hours:

604.684.8772 ext. 113
Toll free 1-(866)-737-7716


You can send us an email with your contact information and we will contact you about your donation.


Please print and complete the attached form

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If you have any questions or concerns about making a donation, please feel free to contact us.

604.684.8772 ext. 113 
Toll free 1-(866)-737-7716

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Privacy policy

You may view our donor and client privacy policy here and our website privacy and security policy here.

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Ethical Code

We believe that transparency and accountability are essential to our success.  With this in mind, we have recently joined Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code Program.

The Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code lays out a set of standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly.  By adhering to these standards, we are complying with generally accepted practices for soliciting and managing donor dollars.  This is important because you, our supporters, are entitled to transparency and the greatest impact possible for your investment in us.

If you have any questions about our adherence to the Ethical Code, please feel free to contact us or download the financial statements included in our Annual Reports.  You can also download the Ethical Code itself.

The code was first adopted by the West Coast LEAF Board of Directors on September 5, 2007. 

The Ethical Code was introduced by Imagine Canada in 1998.  The Code lays out standards for organizations to manage and report their funds responsibly.

Imagine Canada’s mission is:  “advancing knowledge and relationships to foster effective and sustainable charitable and nonprofit organizations”.

Imagine Canada is the result of a union of two of Canada’s leading charitable umbrella organizations: the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (CCP), and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (NVO).

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Charitable information

West Coast LEAF is registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency.  Our registration number is 119292464RR0001.

Registered charities are accountable to government and the public at large for the money they raise and how they use their resources.  Registered charities are required to file an annual information return with the CRA, a portion of which is available to the public, and must meet certain requirements of the Income Tax Act concerning their expenditures and activities.  Registered Charity Information Returns, including financial information, can be viewed at the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate and the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009  and 2010 Annual Reports, complete with financial statements, are available for download.

General donor information about charities and charitable giving can be viewed here.  

Thank you very much for your help!


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