West Coast LEAF was pleased to partner with Legal Services Society to publish a revised edition of our Separation Agreements booklet, originally published in 2013.

This booklet explains the law about the fair division of family property or debt when spouses separate, and what to do if you believe your agreement might be unfair. It provides information about:

  • how to prepare a financial statement for court,
  • how to manage your case and work with a lawyer, and
  • where to get free legal help, including resources on the LSS Family Law in BC website.

Click here for the PDF version of Separation Agreements in English.

You can order print copies from Crown Publications.

Individuals may order one free print copy. Organizations wishing to order multiple copies must first apply for an account with Legal Services Society. To apply for an account, please complete this Application Form or fax a Customer Account Application Form to 604-682-0965. When your application is accepted, you’ll receive your customer ID.

Multilingual versions are coming soon!