Women who have experienced violence often struggle to navigate our complex family law system, secure a protection order or peace bond, or appear as a witness in criminal proceedings. This can result in additional financial burdens that are doubly problematic because separation has a profound impact on many women’s economic security.

Those are some of the reasons West Coast LEAF launched the Jane Doe Legal Advice Clinic to provide legal support and advice in a non-judgmental and empowering way. Our lawyer, Salima Samnani, offered free legal advice appointments twice a month to women survivors of violence with child welfare and family law issues. For inquiries regarding the Jane Doe Legal Advice Clinic, please contact Shahnaz Rahman at 604-684-8772 Ext 123.

Services that were provided by the Jane Doe Legal Advice Clinic are now offered instead by Rise Women’s Legal Centre, a full-service family law clinic for women operated by West Coast LEAF and UBC’s Allard School of LawWest Coast LEAF is proud that women facing family law challenges can now access a broader range of legal services and supports thanks to Rise.

Contact information for Rise Women’s Legal Centre:



#201-456 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3



Our beliefs
  • Everyone has the right to live free from violence or abuse. Therefore, we at West Coast LEAF are working toward a justice system that promotes the rights of all women to live a life free from violence, abuse, and discrimination.
  • Improving women’s access to the justice system is an important piece of the broader struggle for social, political, and economic equality.
  • Legal services should be provided in a non-judgmental and supportive way to empower women to make informed choices for themselves and their children.


Why “Jane Doe”?

The name Jane Doe is used in legal proceedings as a placeholder name to represent an anonymous or unknown woman. We adopted this name to highlight three issues:

  • Violence against women happens in all types of relationships, in all cultural and socio-economic groups, and at all ages.
  • Violence against women is a societal problem rather than a personal issue.
  • The name Jane Doe signifies our commitment to ensure that women who have experienced violence have access to confidential legal support.


Funding for this project generously provided by

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