About the Project

Only Yes Means Yes is a legal education project about sexual assault and consent designed by and for post-secondary students. Getting clear, affirmative, and ongoing consent for all sexual activity is a legal requirement. It’s also an ethical requirement—an absolute necessity to avoid causing harm and violence. Have you ever wondered exactly how the criminal justice system defines and deals with sexual assault, and what’s required under the law for consent?

Check out the companion piece to our Only Yes Means Yes workshop, our animated video called The Unfinished Story of Yes.


About the Workshop

West Coast LEAF can offer Only Yes Means Yes on post-secondary campuses in the Lower Mainland and in other parts of BC where funding is available for travel. We can tailor the workshop to make it accessible and relevant to particular groups of post-secondary students. By attending a pilot workshop, you can not only deepen your knowledge of how the law handles sexual assault, but also share your input to shape the final version of the workshop.

Our interactive 2.5 hour workshop will unpack the ins and outs of sexual assault law through a critical social justice lens. We’ll address some of the most common legal questions about sexual assault and consent, as suggested by our student advisory committee:

  • How does the Criminal Code define consent?
  • What are the differences between a legal and ethical standard of consent?
  • What are some ways of checking for clear, active, and ongoing consent?
  • What are some legal and non-legal options for adults after being sexually assaulted?
  • What are some examples of legal cases where myths about sexual assault came into play, and what were the outcomes?
  • What resources in the community and on campus can provide information, support, and legal help around these issues?

The law is one strategy among many for responding to sexual assault and seeking justice and healing. Although the legal system is flawed in many ways, knowing how it works can help you make informed decisions. This workshop will demystify how the law understands sexual assault and the legal responsibility to get consent. It will also help us imagine a culture of consent based on an ethical commitment to non-violence that is deeper than what the law requires—and inspire us to work to create that culture on campus.


Book a Pilot Workshop or Learn More

We have extended the workshop piloting period and encourage you to inquire about booking Only Yes Means Yes workshops between January and March 2019. Please contact Alana Prochuk, Manager of Public Legal Education, at education@westcoastleaf.org or 604-684-8772 extension 117.

Download our PDF workshop poster and help us spread the word about this amazing learning opportunity!

A protest on a college campus with many young people gathered and holding signs. In the foreground, a person with wavy, long dark hair and a toque is holding a sign that says "End Rape Culture."

Image credit: Chase Carter, CC 2.0


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