Letter Re: The Budget for BC’s Justice System

As members and co-chair of the Coalition for Public Legal Services, we drafted a letter endorsed by 18 Coalition members seeking clarification of the Premier’s statements regarding funding for BC’s justice system, which did not appear to be supported Read More

Submission Re: Bill C-10: The Safe Streets and Communities Act

With our sister organization LEAF National, we made submissions to the Prime Minister, Justice Minister, and Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs regarding Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act. We highlighted the Bill’s likely impacts on Read More

LEAFlet Winter 2012

West Coast LEAF News

Read More

Letter Re: Anti-Homophobia Legislation for BC Schools

We wrote to the Premier urging her to show leadership on addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying by implementing a province-wide anti-homophobia policy for all BC schools. We reminded her of the government’s legal obligation to provide an education system Read More

Letter Re: Provincial Decision to Centralize Incarceration of Girls in British Columbia

With the BC Civil Liberties Association and Justice For Girls, we wrote to the Representative for Children and Youth urging her office to intervene in the decision to centralize the incarceration of girls in Burnaby, a move that would Read More

Letter Re: Legal Services Society’s Publication on Men Abused by their Partners

We worked with a coalition of women’s groups to write to the Legal Services Society regarding a public legal education factsheet they had produced for men abused by their (female) partners (the document did not address abuse in same-sex Read More

Equality Impact Statement: Carbon Tax

Research Reports

  In 2011, we released an Equality Impact Statement on the issue of Carbon Tax. Read More