West Coast LEAF intervenes in cases that will contribute to gender equality in British Columbia and Canada.

Our current and past cases can be found on our cases page.

Below we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions about our litigation work in the courts.

What kinds of litigation does West Coast LEAF do?
West Coast LEAF’s work is focused on litigation that is likely to make big changes to laws, policies, and systems. While many individual cases do have wider impact, we do not offer direct legal services to the public. We are not a legal clinic and our lawyers cannot give you legal advice or represent you in your case. There are two ways we get involved in cases: interventions and test case litigation.
What does it mean to intervene in a case? What is an intervention?
When we intervene in a case, we have received permission from the court to provide our perspective on how the issues in the case impact gender equality in systemic and substantive ways. We are not there to represent the plaintiff or the defendant. Instead, we are there as a “friend of the court” that assists the court as it decides the legal issues in the case.
How does West Coast LEAF choose cases to intervene in?
There are many cases that are important for equality. As a small non-profit with limited capacity, we try to intervene in cases where our particular knowledge will be most relevant and helpful. West Coast LEAF prioritizes cases that: We look for cases that involve breaking new ground and/or establishing a legal precedent that affects the collective interests of women and people who experience gender-based discrimination. We also consider the timeline and current status of the case. Sometimes, it may be to too early in the case for us to get involved; other times, the case may have progressed beyond where we would apply to intervene.
What is a test case? What do you mean when you say you work on “strategic litigation”?
We use the terms “test case” and “strategic litigation” to refer to cases that have been brought forward as part of a strategy for social change. We work on test cases by representing or otherwise assisting the plaintiff in the case (unlike in interventions, where we act as a “friend of the court”). Test cases typically take a long time to develop, involve many other people and organizations, and require understanding there may be intended and unintended consequences of going to court.
I would like West Coast LEAF to be involved with my case. Is this possible?
We are not able to intervene in cases where you do not have a lawyer. If you do have a lawyer or legal team working on your case, and if you and your legal team want to address systemic issues through your case, we can discuss the possibility of working together. Please ask your lawyer to contact us at info[at]westcoastleaf[.]org Please keep in mind that West Coast LEAF is a small organization and can intervene in just a few cases that are best suited to us.
I am a lawyer and think there is a role for West Coast LEAF as an intervenor. What next?
If you are interested in having us act as an intervenor in a case, we encourage you to reach out to us directly with your potential legal strategy. Please contact us at info[at]westcoastleaf[.]org We will look at several factors to determine whether your case is a strong fit for us. We prioritize cases that align with our vision and areas of work.
Can you help me find a lawyer?
No, we do not make recommendations for lawyers. Resources for finding a lawyer in BC:
Can I get involved with the Single Mothers Test Case?
At this stage we are not seeking individuals to become involved in the case. Single Mothers’ Alliance v BC is a constitutional challenge against the Province of BC and the Legal Aid BC for failing to provide adequate family law legal aid to women leaving abusive relationships. We recognize this is a systemic issue impacting many women and people who experience gender-based discrimination. Updates about the case are provided on our legal aid test case page.
How can I share my idea for West Coast LEAF’s work?
We welcome input from our community about issues affecting their lives. We are often limited in our ability to take action; however, hearing from our community informs not only our work in the courts but also our law reform and public legal education work. To share your ideas or learn more contact info[at]westcoastleaf[.]org You can also learn more about our work by subscribing to our news alerts to learn about events, projects and more!