West Coast LEAF advances gender equality through our involvement in equality rights cases at all levels of court.

Equality rights litigation involves more than representing individuals making human rights or equality complaints. West Coast LEAF works on cases that have an impact on human rights and gender equality in BC. When we act as intervenor, we do not directly represent the interests of the plaintiff or the defendant. Instead, we are a “friend of the court” and make arguments on how a particular law or action impacts equality in systemic and substantive ways.

West Coast LEAF takes on cases that deal with many issues impacting the equality of women and others who experience gender-based discrimination, including legal definitions and applications, access to justice, gender-based violence, and poverty. When a case has the potential to change the law on these or other issues of concern to West Coast LEAF, we consider whether we have the resources to be involved. Read about our case selection process.

Partial funding for our litigation program has been generously provided by: