The formation of the new government is an opportunity for British Columbia to chart a new path. We’re going to continue to work hard to push for critical improvements and systemic change, including on those policies and issues that most impact women’s equality, the justice system, and human rights.

We’ve already written to the new government in Victoria to let them know that we are keen to work with them on three critical priorities to immediately improve women’s lives in BC.

  • We wrote to the new Attorney General to strongly urge the government to take immediate action to improve BC’s legal aid coverage and ensure that all British Columbians can meaningfully enforce their legal rights, including women fleeing violent relationships.
  • We wrote to the new Minister of State for Child Care to applaud the government’s creation of the role as a first step towards achieving a comprehensive and accessible child care system. We let her know that we welcome the opportunity to work with her on solutions to BC’s child care crisis, including the building and implementation of the $10aDay plan in a way that supports all women, particularly vulnerable and marginalized women.
  • We wrote to the new Minister of Health to urge him to improve access to health care and to support the reproductive rights of women in BC by providing universal coverage for Mifegymiso, an abortion drug that was approved in Canada in 2015.

There are many other issues on which we will continue to push for improvements that will have a substantive positive impact on women’s equality in BC, including increasing the minimum wage and implementing a poverty reduction plan across the province.

We are keen to continue to advise and press the government to chart this new course towards a BC firmly rooted in justice and equality. There is no time to waste. BC women have waited long enough.