About the report

How can we facilitate learning about the law in a way that is grounded in the vision of community and supports efforts to end oppression? How can we equip people with honest information about the legal system so that they can choose the path that is best for them? For the past year, we have been exploring these questions through the Re-Envisioning Public Legal Education and Information (PLEI) project. Our report by the same title pulls together our biggest learnings when it comes to PLEI’s guiding principles, purposes, impacts, limitations, and potential harms, as well as wise and ethical practices for PLEI practitioners.

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Re-Envisioning PLEI report cover


Download the Executive Summary.

Image of first page of Executive Summary, including photo of two enthusiastic-looking learners looking at a book together




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West Coast LEAF knows that we have a lot to learn from our community! Please fill out our online feedback form to share your insights, ask questions, and/or let us know what you think of our report and how you plan to use it. 




From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all those who contributed to our learning through this project: youth workshop facilitator volunteers, workshop participants, teachers, youth-serving professionals, former West Coast LEAF staff members, and fellow PLEI practitioners and social justice educators. Their expertise and vision are at the heart of this project.

We also thank our generous project funder, the Law Foundation of BC.


Law Foundation of BC