• In 2010, West Coast LEAF launched a petition on Access to Justice calling for a Reform to Legal Aid in BC. Addressed to the Attorney General of British Columbia, the petition outlined the current status of the provincial legal aid system and provided three feasible recommendations that would restore equitable access to justice for all British Columbians.
  • In 2009 West Coast LEAF wrote to Attorney General Wally Oppal to express concern over legal aid cuts.
  • A 2009 version of the petition received 1200 signatures and was sent to Attorney General Michael de Jong. A response to the 2009 petition was received from Deputy Attorney General David Loukidelis.


Radio Interview



‘Access to Justice?’ is a short documentary film about legal aid produced by Kyle Russell that premiered on April 27, 2009.



West Coast LEAF is pleased to announce the creation of the Access to Justice Fund.

This endowment fund, established at the Vancity Community Foundation, will support test case litigation that advances the constitutional rights of women and men to legal representation in complex family law and other civil matters. In particular, the fund will act to indemnify a test case litigant in just such a case currently before the courts, as represented by BC PIAC. Should that litigant be successful in arguing for state-funded counsel, and therefore not require indemnification, the Fund will support West Coast LEAF’s work in advancing access to justice more generally.

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