About the Workshop

This workshop, builds on the information contained in our booklet Separation Agreements: Your right to fairness. Aimed at service providers and legal advocates, the goal of the workshop is to help them provide women with legal information about financial issues that come up in the course of separation and divorce.


Topics Covered
  • The legal test for when a separation agreement may be set aside on the basis that it is unfair
  • The new Family Law Act and its rules about division of property and debts
  • Legal tools for protecting family property
  • Tips for helping women figure out the family’s financial picture and prepare a financial statement for the court



“Workshop was clear, interesting and engaging. Thank you!” -Revelstoke Participant

“Financial worksheet that was provided is a very useful document” – Smithers Participant

“The new family law explanation and summary was very useful.” -Vancouver Participant

“Did not feel bogged down; Excellent work, it was relevant, specific and useful. The info was clear and concise; keep up the great work!”-Quesnel Participant