Rise Women’s Legal Centre, founded by West Coast LEAF and the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, is a full-service storefront family law legal clinic serving low-income women in the Lower Mainland.

Rise is the first legal clinic of its kind in BC and provides women with much-needed legal assistance in family law and related areas. Upper-year law students and lawyers work together at Rise to provide women with legal advice, help them file documents in court, represent them in Provincial Court in some cases, and generally support them to enforce their legal rights under family law.

Arising out of an extensive consultation with service providers across the country, Rise’s model of service delivery is designed to complement and collaborate with existing community services.

The Centre enhances access to justice in three ways: first, by providing legal advice and representation to women who have no other means of getting legal help; second, by creating an opportunity for law students to learn how to deliver community-based legal services and carry forward a commitment to providing access to justice and family law services in their legal careers; third, by identifying cases that have the potential to advance women’s legal rights at a systemic level.



Rise Women’s Legal Centre



#201-456 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3


Services are non-emergency and by appointment only for women of limited financial means seeking family law related services.