Important update

As of March 13, 2020, we have suspended all in-person workshops until further notice, to reduce the threat to community health posed by COVID-19.

We will not offer remote delivery for any workshops dealing with violence, including No Means No, out of concern for the well-being of learners who may be isolated in an unsafe home environment. However, you are welcome to check out our list of resources about consent and sexual assault.


Workshop program overview

A workshop for youth in Grades 5-9 that addresses violence, stereotypes, and sexual consent. No Means No meets several prescribed learning outcomes in the BC curriculum. Students leave this workshop with a concrete understanding of how the law views sexual harassment, assault, and consent, preparing them to make informed, responsible decisions in their daily lives. This workshop takes students through a series of activities about gender, power, stereotypes, and discrimination and encourages young people to think critically about how these issues impact their own lives, and how these issues relate to consent, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. We then use scenarios to explore the barriers to disclosing sexual assault, the benefits of seeking support, and support options available.

We are now able to offer a limited number of youth workshops in BC communities outside of Metro Vancouver!  Please contact us as soon as possible with any workshop requests, and if possible, we will plan our travel schedule to accommodate your availability.


Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for students in Grades 5-9. The facilitators adjust the content to ensure that it is age appropriate. While Grade 5 may seem like a very young age to address this topic, the idea is to foster knowledge and understanding of consent in young people at a time either before or when they may be just be beginning to think about sexual activity. This way, they can engage in it more responsibly when the time is right for them. The workshop is currently available in and around Vancouver, Kamloops, and Nanaimo.


Why is it called “No Means No”?

The workshop has its roots in a legal case called R v Ewanchuk. This was the case in Canadian law that determined that “no” actually does mean no, and that there is no such thing in the law as implied consent to sexual activity. To read more about this case, click here.


Who are the facilitators?

All of our youth workshops are delivered by a professional member of our education team, sometimes with support from our volunteer youth facilitators. Our volunteer youth facilitators are between the ages of 18-24 and have undergone 21 hours of intensive training.


How long is it?

The full workshop is 2.5 hours in length, and can be offered over 1, 2, or 3 sessions. If you have booked a “TrendShift” workshop, “No Means No” can be added onto the end, in which case it requires only 1.5 hours.


How much does it cost?

We ask for a $100 honorarium (on a sliding scale) to help cover the costs of the workshop; we are committed to making this workshop accessible to all audiences and are happy to discuss an arrangement that will work for your group.


Download the workshop flyer

No Means No workshop flyer. It has a colourful, geometric design and an image of a raised fist within a handprint on the right top corner. Email to request a different format of the flyer.



Can I get more information?

Yes! Please email for more information. Please contact us at least six weeks before your desired workshop date.


Learn about all our recent work to end sexual assault and support survivors.


We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.