Ms. Fox is a Musqueam Elder.  Throughout the year, Ms. Fox works at different wellness days as a Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and healer using various traditional healing methods taught to her by her Elders and by various other Indigenous healers.  Doris sits on several advisory boards, committees, Elders Circles, etc.  As well, Doris works at several Health Clinics as an Elder and healer.

Doris Fox teaches various traditional arts and crafts such as, traditional Salish Weaving, Cedar-bark Weaving, beading, etc., that was taught to her by her Elders.  During her classes, Ms. Fox ensures that the students know about the history, traditions, values and beliefs behind the ancient knowledge that she shares.  Doris also shares her knowledge of intellectual property and the importance of artists knowing how to protect themselves and their work.  Doris is an artist and clothing designer, as well, and has taught sewing classes too.