Lorelei Williams is an Interior Salish/Coast Salish woman from Skatin Nations/Sts’Ailes, Vancouver (Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh), BC. She is a single mom raising two beautiful and amazing children. Lorelei is back at Capilano University to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Business Management. She is also the Program Manager with The Restoring Circles Project which is an Indigenous Ally Transformative Justice Project where they seed community talking/healing circles/workshops to prevent/end violence. They also collaborate with other programs and trainings that specialize in practice-specific teachings such as Land-based Trauma Healing and more. Lorelei is raising awareness and advocating for victims and families of MMIWG through Butterflies in Spirit – a dance group she founded in 2012. The group is comprised of family members of MMIWG and was formed with the goal of empowering Indigenous women in her community, and raising awareness about her missing Aunt, and her cousin Tanya Holyk who was murdered in 1996. “As a family member of both missing and murdered Indigenous women, I do what I can to raise awareness of this issue so this doesn’t happen to more families,” Lorelei says. As a Research Assistant at Sovereign Bodies Institute (SBI), located on Wiyot and Ohlone territories, in Northern California, Lorelei is developing “Butterflies in Spirit: Dance, Healing, MMIWG” – a project aimed at producing an understanding and awareness of how dance can be utilized as healing practice for both Indigenous survivors of violence and their families, as well as those impacted by the MMIWG crisis, through research, skill-building, and public awareness. She is also part of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Coalition, a diverse group of more than 25 urban community and political advocacy groups and family members of MMIWG. “My wish is that violence would end for women and girls around the world.”