It’s time to step up for women’s equality!

West Coast LEAF is part of a growing coalition of individuals and organizations calling on provincial and federal government leaders to “step up” to address international criticism of the state of gender equality.

We have called on the government of BC and the official opposition to commit to the full implementation of recent recommendations to Canada from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), released in late 2016 after a fulsome review of Canada’s progress on women’s rights.

It is time for BC’s leadership to act, and the UN Committee’s recommendations provide a clear roadmap for change.

The recommendations align with both submissions made by West Coast LEAF (one in partnership with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the other in partnership with the BC CEDAW Group), which we presented to the UN Committee in Geneva last year.

West Coast LEAF’s is also part of a massive national coalition calling on the federal government to address women’s inequality in a planned, comprehensive, and strategic way.

The UN Committee notes a National Gender Equality Plan must take an intersectional approach to address the diversity of women’s experiences of discrimination in Canada, including the experiences of Indigenous women, women with disabilities, racialized women, single mothers, and LBTQI women. Read more about the campaign to the federal government by reading our news alert or visiting this campaign page on the website of our allied organization FAFIA.

Take action

Add your voice by using the #StepUp4WomenCA and #StepUp4WomenBC hashtags to share the images in this gallery. Change your profile picture to one of these images to let your online community know that Canada and BC can do better.