Why this resource?

During community consultation for our Older Women’s Legal Education Project, many older women and service providers suggested that we create a compact multilingual resource listing sources of support and legal information for older woman. A small resource is easier to hide and less likely to be discovered by an abuser than a larger, more comprehensive resource such as our Roads to Safety handbook, and is also less likely to cause information overload for a woman in crisis.


Please share!

We encourage you to print and distribute these folding wallet cards widely. We hope that this resource will help older women in BC to connect with community services, understand their legal and practical options, and receive support for the steps they may choose to take to become safer.

Please note that the non-English wallet cards list only services that are available in languages other than English. All files are formatted for professional printing.

Thanks to the generous support of the BC Association of Community Response Networks, the wallet cards were reprinted in March 2017. As of June 2017, all versions except the version for Indigenous older women and the general English version are still in stock. To inquire about ordering printed copies, please contact Alana Prochuk at education [at] westcoastleaf [dot] org or 604-684-8772 extension 117. You are also most welcome to have copies professionally printed from the PDFs linked below.


English versions:

General English version

Version listing specialized services for Indigenous women


Multilingual versions:


Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)

Filipino (Tagalog)



Persian (Farsi)