Photo of a clear glass door with a yellow Elections Canada sign that reads, "VOTE," with an arrow pointing straight

Federal Election 2021

The federal election campaign is underway, and voting will take place on Monday, September 20, 2021. This election is happening during a uniquely challenging time. Our communities are struggling to cope with the climate catastrophe, continued colonialism and dispossession Read More

The upper part of a totem pole, viewed from below. It appears to be in the corner of a room with windows behind it and the blue sky visible through the windows.

Shifting the Child Protection System

Read the report: Pathways in a Forest Released in September 2019, Pathways in a Forest: Indigenous guidance on prevention-based child welfare is a law reform report growing out of the Shifting the Child Protection System project. It was created collaboratively Read More

Only Yes Means Yes

Consent talk on campus West Coast LEAF believes that post-secondary campuses can become more supportive places for sexual assault survivors when students understand the full range of options for seeking justice and healing, both within the criminal justice system Read More

Dismantling the Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault

It’s past time to dismantle the barriers to reporting sexual assault Public concern about the treatment of sexual assault victims in the criminal justice system has reached new heights—as has public pressure to reduce systemic barriers to reporting this Read More

Rise Women’s Legal Centre

ABOUT RISE WOMEN’S LEGAL CENTRE Rise Women’s Legal Centre, founded by West Coast LEAF and the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, is a full-service storefront family law legal clinic serving low-income women in the Lower Mainland. Rise is the Read More

Establishing a Right to Child Care

A matter of equality Women continue to perform the majority of unpaid caregiving in our society. As they try to balance caregiving for children and other aspects of their lives, a lack of affordable adequate child care creates significant Read More

Older Women’s Rights

Older women are vital participants in our communities, yet they face substantial discrimination as a result of their age, gender, and other characteristics (including mental and physical ability, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and family status). To date, elder law has Read More