An interior view of the Supreme Court of Canada. The walls are covered in wood, the carpet is red, and there are several wood desks and chairs facing a panel.

HMK v Tsang [2023]

Case summary This case is about how courts approach credibility analysis in sexual assault cases. In this case, the complainant alleged that she was sexually assaulted by the accused while she was affected by alcohol consumption. At the BC Supreme Read More

Hansman v Neufeld [2022]

Case summary This case is about the proper interpretation and application of BC’s Protection of Public Participation Act (PPPA). The PPPA was enacted to stop corporations and people with power from using the legal system to silence those who Read More

Sign in front of court with wayfinding text that reads: The Law Courts. Building behind is glass with an angled roof, and a tree beside it with fall leaves.

R. v Ellis [2022]

Case Summary R. v Ellis is about whether a sentencing range of 18-to-36 months of jail is appropriate for drug users who sell small amounts of fentanyl at the street level as a means of ensuring their own supply Read More

Interior of Supreme Court of Canada

Barendregt v Grebliunas [2021]

Case summary This case is about when and how an appeal court can consider new information when deciding an appeal of a family law decision. From a bigger picture perspective, it is also about how deferential (respectful) appeal courts Read More

Two condom packets

R. v Kirkpatrick [2021]

Case summary This case is about whether the Criminal Code recognizes that a person can consent to sex on the condition that their partner wears a condom. When a person insists on condom use, does their partner commit sexual Read More

Close-up photo of an adult and toddler holding hands, viewed from behind

T.L. v the Attorney General of BC et al. [2021]

Case summary This case is about the constitutionality of s. 96 of BC’s child welfare legislation, the Child, Family, and Community Service Act. Under s. 96, a director (i.e., a representative of the Minister of Children and Family Development) Read More