Person in a raincoat and jeans, pushing a stroller, viewed from the back

Michel v Graydon [2019]

Case Summary This is a family law case concerning the ability of courts to retroactively change a child support order after a child has reached adulthood. The parties resided together as common law spouses for four years, during which Read More

A sign on a window that says "The Law Courts." A tile floor is visible through the window beneath the sign.

A.B. v C.D. (2019)

Case Summary This appeal concerned a family law dispute between A.B., a 14-year-old transgender boy, and his father, C.D. The names of all the parties have been anonymized to protect their privacy. A.B. sought gender-affirming medical treatment. His doctors Read More

individuals stand ina crowded street between tall brick buildings. there are rainbow and transgender flags waving

Morgane Oger v William Whatcott [2018]

Case Summary In BC, the Human Rights Code (“Code”) sets out laws to protect and promote human rights, including protection from discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and gender expression, which are protected grounds in the Code. West Read More