SWUAV v AG Canada [2010]

Case Summary In April 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada decided to grant the federal Attorney-General’s application for leave to appeal the ruling of the BC Court of Appeal in SWUAV v AG Canada.  West Coast LEAF sought leave to Read More

Rick v Brandsema [2009]

Case Summary Rick v Brandsema is a BC family law case in which the parties entered a separation agreement that left Mr. Brandsema with substantially more assets than Ms. Rick after 27 years of marriage. Ms. Rick suffered mental Read More

Watson v R; Spratt v R [2008]

Case Summary Watson and Spratt challenged the Access to Abortion Services Act, which creates a no-protest (“bubble”) zone around abortion clinics to allow women access to clinic services free of unwanted approaches by anti-abortion protesters. Watson and Spratt argued Read More

Smith v Funk; Amos v Virk [2003]

Case Summary ICBC represented the defendants (Funk and Virk) and were seeking direct production of the plaintiff’s records from a third party.  In Smith, ICBC wanted copies of all the records of Smith’s history of receiving financial assistance from Read More

R v Demers [2003]

Case Summary This case was about whether freedom of expression should be contained in order to guarantee the right to unimpeded access to abortion services.   Case Documents Factum – BC Court of Appeal Decision – BC Court of Read More

Blencoe v Andrea Willis & the BCHRC et al [2001]

Case Summary In this case, the Court ordered that the sexual harassment complaints against former BC Cabinet Minister Robin Blencoe must proceed. The British Columbia Court of Appeal previously stayed the complaints, agreeing that the Tribunal had lost jurisdiction Read More

BCGEU v PSERC [1999]

Case Summary This case involves a woman, Tawney Meiorin, who worked as an initial attack forest firefighter for two years and was laid off from her position after she failed to pass a running portion of a physical fitness Read More

Eldridge et al v AG BC et al [1997]

Case Summary Eldridge concerns the issue of the availability of publicly funded sign language interpreters to deaf people in the course of receiving medical care. The plaintiffs in the case argued that the failure of BC’s medicare legislation to Read More