One of the best ways to protect Charter and human rights is to educate people on how to use them. West Coast LEAF’s public legal education program encourages people to think critically about the law and society, and to Read More

Financial Issues in Family Law Workshop

About the Workshop This workshop, builds on the information contained in our booklet Separation Agreements: Your right to fairness. Aimed at service providers and legal advocates, the goal of the workshop is to help them provide women with legal information Read More

Rights of Abused Women

About this project In 2003, West Coast LEAF undertook this transformative public legal education project entitled “Civil Legal Rights of Abused Women”  in order to assist women’s advocates to serve women who are leaving abusive situations without legal assistance or Read More

Equality in Action

Equality in Action: Substantive Equality and Organizational Development Issues for Legal Organizations was a workshop designed for non-profit legal organizations such as law societies, legal education institutions and providers of legal services and programs.  The program was meant to provide advice Read More